Team Summer Camp

What is TSC?

TSC offers your Team Gymnast a summer camp program that compliments their training schedule.  Each child’s daily schedule is personalized around their Team practice times, by the dedicated TSC counselor who will ensure that your child is always at the right place at the right time! TSC Daily programming includes: Creation Station, Swim lesson, Game Zone, Briar Patch and Woodlands programs as well as open gym, and open swim.  Please note that when your child is in practice, they will miss one or more of the scheduled TSC programming blocks

Choose your Option…….

OPTION 1: TSC Camp Only

  • TSC offers your Team Gymnast a summer camp program that compliments their training schedule. Each child’s daily schedule is personalized around their team practice times. Their counselor will ensure your child’s transition to and from practice. TSC is a mixed age level program; all campers are members of our competitive team. Flexibility allows you to register for the hours you need before or after their practice.
  • All team Families can choose TSC exclusively to complement their child’s team schedule.
  •  You can choose full time or part time enrollment.  With a minimum of 2 hours each day that your enroll.
  • Registration: We will guarantee your spot for 7 days after summer team schedule is released. After that registration will be based on availability.
  • Cost: $7.75 per hour  LIT’s age campers $5 per hour; Jr Counselor aged Camper: Free(minimum of 2 hours during camp day . 1 hour for early/late care)

OPTION 2: Action Kids Summer Camp Only

  • You can choose to enroll your child exclusively in our Our Summer Camp program, where we group children by age. For more information see the Jr. Camp or Senior  Camp program descriptions.  We will make sure your child gets to and from practice however; we do not discount camp tuition or team tuition for the time your child is at practice.
  • Full day programs only
  • Registration is based on space availability.
  • Pricing $325 per full week or $75 per day

OPTION 3: HYBRID Camp Experience

  • This gives you the option to enroll in Action Kids Summer Camp & TSC. This option is best for those who want TSC on practice days and Action Kids Camp on non practice days.   If you choose this option you may enroll your child into Action Kids Camp when Registration opens. Once the team summer practice is available we will automatically enroll your child into TSC on their practice days while keeping them enrolled with their Action Kids summer camp group on their non-practice days.
  • Camp days – Full day only.  TSC days – in 2 hour time blocks.
  • Cost:$7.75 per hour for TSC days.   Camp Pricing is the advertised full day rate.
  • Registration is based on availability

Please note: Regardless of which camp option you choose.  We will require full Medical and Camp Paper work returned in a timely manner.