Swim Stars

(Ages 3 to k)

Studies show that swim lessons offer preschoolers many benefits; decreased incidence of drowning, increased fitness, accelerated physical, intellectual and emotional development, better balance, strength and coordination, and increased social confidence. In addition, swimming is a great activity for recreation that can be enjoyed by all ages.

You can’t find a better sport to save your life!

Schedule for 2022 Swim classes will be available April 2022

swimming lessons

Aqua Bears (Ratio 3:1)

This water readiness program is designed to help children feel comfortable in the water. Children in this transition class are not quite ready to learn basic swim skills independently, many still require gentle support being comfortable in, around and submerging under the water without a parent. Children will learn to swim dog paddle with “Bubble”. Minimum age is 3 years.

Swim Stars 1 (Ratio 4:1)

Designed for the swimmer who is unafraid to enter the water independently, without a parent. Children will learn to swim dog paddle, rhythmic breathing, horizontal kicking and safety floating. All children who require a flotation device of any kind will be placed in this level. Children must be at least 3 ½.

Swim Stars 2 (Ratio 4:1)

Swimmers will demonstrate comfort with dog paddle/beginning freestyle with rotary breathing. Children will learn to swim elementary backstroke. Prerequisite: Children must be able to swim dog paddle a distance of 25 ft, safety float for five seconds, and be unafraid to jump into the water.