Why Choose Gymnastics?

Coordination, strength, balance and courage, that’s why!  Gymnastics will give your child a foundation for any sport they choose in the future.  Our classes are a great time to meet new friends and develop skills that will last a lifetime.     BEGIN HERE….GO ANYWHERE!

Gymnastics Session Dates
Two four week sessions
Session One: July 7 to 31
Session Two: August 4 to August 28

Call 603-642-7200 to enroll!

Tumble Bears
~Three year old Boys and Girls
In Tumble Bears, the children participate in the class without parental participation.  The focus is on improving gymnastics skills and increasing body awareness while incorporating cooperative group activities and games.  Fun, while learning, is what we have in store for your child.  Much of what is learned in Tumble Bears is intangible.  Friendships are forged and we begin to develop a sense that we can have independence from our parents…even if it is just for a short period of time! This class is 45 minutes in length.
Class Times: Wednesday at 5 pm or Saturday at 8:30 am
Cost: $100 per session

Tumble/Kinder Girls
~ Girls ages 4 years to Kindergarten
Tumble/Kinder Girls introduces a more challenging curriculum than our Tumble Bears Class.   Basic gymnastic fundamentals  begin to take shape with a greater emphasis on skill acquisition.  Girls will gain self confidence and strength that will serve them for a lifetime. This class is a 60 minute class
Class Times: Wednesday at 5:00 pm, Thursday at 5:00 pm, or Saturday at 9:30 am
Cost: 100 per session

Boys Gymnastics
Boys Age Kindergarten through 3rd grade
This program will challenge energetic  boys with a curriculum full of strength and agility.  Fun is the name of the game with many other positive side effects such as co-ordination and flexibility.  Other areas targeted are more mentally demanding such as discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem and turn taking. This is a 60 minute class.
Class Times: Thursday at 5:00
Cost: $112 per session