Counselor In Training
Youth entering 8th grade
(as of September 2022)

CIT-1 Application
Youth Entering 8th grade
15 day minimum


Counselor In Training
Youth entering 9th and 10th grade
(as of September 2022)

CIT-2 Application
Youth Entering 9th or 10th grade
20 day minimum

  • Newly designed program with highschoolers in mind.
  • Older camper equals more responsibility, more choices, more autonomy.
  • Opportunities to “specialize” in program areas, such as gymnastics instruction, game zone, nature or swim.
  • Loads of hands-on time with the younger camper groups.
  • Instructional swim still available for CIT campers
  • 15 day minimum requirement for CIT-1
  • 20 day minimum requirement for CIT-2

Typical Day

Camp hours 8:15 to 4:45
There are no “typical” days as an CIT.
Each day is as individual as each CIT
Leadership Team will work with CIT campers to design a program that appeals to their strengths and ambitions.

$55 per day
$240 per week
(15 day minimum)

20 day minimum