Art not Craft

One of our morning camp blocks includes a trip to Creation Station. We refer to this time as Art…not Craft. We believe these are two very different types of activities. At Action Kids, Art is about exploring artistic methods. Art is NOT about making an identical product to the camper sitting next to you. This is why, during Creation Station time, you can find our campers on the back field, splatter painting to music.

Our Afternoon Activity Clubs also provide our campers with another artistic opportunity.   Theme based group creative activities will capture the imagination of all participants

Why is art so important?  Why do we include it in our curriculum?
Motor Skills Development
: Many of the skills required for creating art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children.

Language Development: How often do we pick our kids up at school and they spend the whole ride home, telling you about the cool project they did at school that day.  Creating artistic projects promotes a feeling of pride in children and a desire to communicate that excitement to those around them.   For young children, creating projects provides opportunities for learning……. colors, shapes and actions. By elementary school, students can use descriptive words to discuss their own creations or to talk about what feelings are elicited when they see different styles of artwork.

Better Decision Making: Art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life.

Visual Learning: Drawing, sculpting with clay and threading beads on a string all develop visual-spatial skills.

Inventiveness: Art is a way to encourage kids to express themselves and take risks.  “What will happen if I paint my cow red?”  “Should I use a circle when everyone else thinks I should use a square?”  Art offers children an opportunity to “think outside the box” a skill that will serve them well in adulthood.

The list is endless as to how art benefits our campers. We have chosen just a few to highlight.

Good Morning, Action Kids!

Good morning, Action Kids!

Mornings are tough for everyone. They are especially tough on Monday when you’re dropping your child off for the first day of camp. Here at Action Kids, we’ve designed our morning drop off routine to encourage community and allow your child to ease into the camp day.

When you and your child arrive at Action Kids on your camper’s first day, you will check in at the “First Day of Camp” table. You will be greeted by one of our summer staff who will put a bracelet on your camper’s wrist. This bracelet identifies your camper as a first day camper. When our counselors are aware that it is a camper’s first day at Action Kids they can assist them by facilitating friendships and ensuring that campers feel comfortable in a new, and what can seem like an overwhelming, environment.

Here is how we do exactly that…

  1. Our staff is positioned around the Meeting Place to greet and engage with your child. There is a counselor in each of the Backpack Huts, where your camper will leave their backpack and lunchbox. The remainder of the counselors can be found coloring with chalk, facilitating a game of 4 Square, or playing a round of Knockout at the basketball hoop.
  2. At 8:15 we call “Hut Huddle”. Counselors gather their groups, take attendance, and introduce campers to one another. Counselors often play a small game with their campers before they head down to Morning Rally.
  3. Morning Rally is always a camp favorite! Campers are greeted by one of the directors and are given what we like to call a “pump-up speech”. The Director highlights special things that are happening that day. Maybe it’s Fun Friday. Maybe campers should stop by the Briar Patch and see how big the tomatoes have gotten. This prepares campers for what to expect during the day….. THEN comes the BEST  part… Camp Songs. Campers and counselors join together to GET DOWN and PEEL THE BANANA. We encourage all campers to participate in this community building activity!

As you can see, the morning is an important part of the camp day.  We hate to for anyone to miss out!  Please plan to arrive on time.  Remember that when you are late, it  affects every camper in your child’s camp group.

Way Too Cool for School….

It’s no secret that summers get HOT at Action Kids. We do our best to keep our campers healthy, hydrated, and cool. Here’s how

~We recommend that campers come to camp with a water bottle, labeled with their name. Our counselors encourage campers to drink water throughout the day. We have water jugs in the Woodlands and Game Zone that campers can use to fill up their bottles throughout the camp day.

~Swim! We keep our campers cool by getting them in the pool. All of our campers have a swim lesson in the morning. In the afternoon, we are back in the pool again with Open Swim.  If your camper isn’t quite in the mood to swim in the afternoon, campers an choose  to participate in quiet time under a shaded pavilion.

~A camp wide favorite way to keep cool is ….. WATER FIGHTS! Campers and counselors alike grab buckets, water balloons, and sponges and take to the back field. Our campers love soaking their favorite counselors!!

This is WHY We Do It: Nature

Let’s face it… during the school year; children spend a lot of time inside. Summer gives children the opportunity to spend more time outside and away from technology. Here at Action Kids Summer Camp, the majority of our summer camp program takes place outside. Campers swim, eat, play, and sing in the various locations around our facility. Spending time outside is so important to us that we created a “Nature” block that takes place during campers’ morning schedule.

Nature is an opportunity for campers to interact with the world around them in a structured activity. During nature, our campers can be found flipping over logs and discovering what lives under them in the Woodlands,  playing a round of “Huckle Buckle Found It” with their group, or helping to maintain our camp Briar Patch Garden.

We believe that by encouraging our campers to interact with the world around them, we are expanding their horizons by introducing them to a larger community. We are instilling an appreciation for the world around them.

Four Amazing Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp!

  1. They will spend their day being physically active…… It is no surprise when you pick your child up after a day of camp and they are asleep in the backseat before you leave the parking lot. Campers start moving as soon as they arrive at Action Kids Summer Camp, whether they are playing 4Square or shooting hoops in the Meeting Place. The day is action packed… gymnastics, swim, GaGa Ball, and so much more!
  2. They will experience challenges and successes…… There is nothing better than celebrating with a camper when they no longer need a swim bubble in the pool or finally get their backward roll. Action Kids campers  challenge themselves daily and build their confidence in a safe environment.
  3. They will connect with nature……We pride ourselves on being a technology free zone for our campers. We allow them to disconnect from their TVs, iPads, and computers and reconnect with their surroundings. Action Kids spend the majority of their day outside whether it is eating lunch in the Woodlands, watching the green beans grow in the Briar Patch, or playing in Pirate’s Cove.
  4. They will make new friends…… Summer camp allows campers to meet other kids that aren’t necessarily their classmates or neighbors. Action Kids Summer Camp draws campers from school districts all over Southern New Hampshire.