Camp Gymnastics

Gymnastics Class

We like to say that gymnastics builds character, but it really builds much more than that.  It builds stronger children in many amazing ways!  Listed below are just some of the benefits of our  gymnastics program.

Self Confidence
One of the greatest things we can give a young child is self-confidence. Gymnastics builds confidence through small challenges built into each class.  Activities, such as walking on a balance beam or climbing a rope, may seem daunting at first, but when broken into manageable progressions provide children opportunities to achieve success.

Listening & Following Directions
Teaching children to listen is unbelievably important. Gymnastics combines the need for children to focus and pay attention to instruction with constant movement and activity.

Cognitive Benefits
When children are engaging in gymnastics, they are exercising their brains as well as their bodies. Research suggests a strong correlation between physical activity and academic achievement.

Movement and Coordination
Gymnastics helps to enhance the development of gross motor skills and coordination. By learning to jump, roll, swing, climb, balance and tumble in a safe environment, we reduce the risk of injuries in the “real world”.

Strength and Flexibility
There is no better activity for overall fitness, strength and flexibility than gymnastics. Gaining muscle strength through tumbling, jumping, rolling, flexing, and holding one’s own body weight in various positions help children develop strong and powerful bodies.

Open Gym

If it is not your first year at camp, you are probably very familiar with Open Gym, where campers love to enjoy unstructured time to explore and play in the gym!  Unfortunately, the structure of Open Gym does not allow for proper social distancing.  Thus, in order to maintain the health and safety of our campers, we will not be offering Open Gym during Summer 2020.