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Art not Craft

One of our morning camp blocks includes a trip to Creation Station. We refer to this time as Art…not Craft. We believe these are two very different types of activities. At Action Kids, Art is about exploring artistic methods. Art is NOT about making an identical product to the camper sitting next to you. This […]

Good Morning, Action Kids!

Good morning, Action Kids! Mornings are tough for everyone. They are especially tough on Monday when you’re dropping your child off for the first day of camp. Here at Action Kids, we’ve designed our morning drop off routine to encourage community and allow your child to ease into the camp day. When you and your […]

Way Too Cool for School….

It’s no secret that summers get HOT at Action Kids. We do our best to keep our campers healthy, hydrated, and cool. Here’s how ~We recommend that campers come to camp with a water bottle, labeled with their name. Our counselors encourage campers to drink water throughout the day. We have water jugs in the […]

This is WHY We Do It: Nature

Let’s face it… during the school year; children spend a lot of time inside. Summer gives children the opportunity to spend more time outside and away from technology. Here at Action Kids Summer Camp, the majority of our summer camp program takes place outside. Campers swim, eat, play, and sing in the various locations around […]

Four Amazing Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp!

They will spend their day being physically active…… It is no surprise when you pick your child up after a day of camp and they are asleep in the backseat before you leave the parking lot. Campers start moving as soon as they arrive at Action Kids Summer Camp, whether they are playing 4Square or […]