Good Morning, Action Kids!

Good morning, Action Kids!

Mornings are tough for everyone. They are especially tough on Monday when you’re dropping your child off for the first day of camp. Here at Action Kids, we’ve designed our morning drop off routine to encourage community and allow your child to ease into the camp day.

When you and your child arrive at Action Kids on your camper’s first day, you will check in at the “First Day of Camp” table. You will be greeted by one of our summer staff who will put a bracelet on your camper’s wrist. This bracelet identifies your camper as a first day camper. When our counselors are aware that it is a camper’s first day at Action Kids they can assist them by facilitating friendships and ensuring that campers feel comfortable in a new, and what can seem like an overwhelming, environment.

Here is how we do exactly that…

  1. Our staff is positioned around the Meeting Place to greet and engage with your child. There is a counselor in each of the Backpack Huts, where your camper will leave their backpack and lunchbox. The remainder of the counselors can be found coloring with chalk, facilitating a game of 4 Square, or playing a round of Knockout at the basketball hoop.
  2. At 8:15 we call “Hut Huddle”. Counselors gather their groups, take attendance, and introduce campers to one another. Counselors often play a small game with their campers before they head down to Morning Rally.
  3. Morning Rally is always a camp favorite! Campers are greeted by one of the directors and are given what we like to call a “pump-up speech”. The Director highlights special things that are happening that day. Maybe it’s Fun Friday. Maybe campers should stop by the Briar Patch and see how big the tomatoes have gotten. This prepares campers for what to expect during the day….. THEN comes the BEST  part… Camp Songs. Campers and counselors join together to GET DOWN and PEEL THE BANANA. We encourage all campers to participate in this community building activity!

As you can see, the morning is an important part of the camp day.  We hate to for anyone to miss out!  Please plan to arrive on time.  Remember that when you are late, it  affects every camper in your child’s camp group.