Way Too Cool for School….

It’s no secret that summers get HOT at Action Kids. We do our best to keep our campers healthy, hydrated, and cool. Here’s how

~We recommend that campers come to camp with a water bottle, labeled with their name. Our counselors encourage campers to drink water throughout the day. We have water jugs in the Woodlands and Game Zone that campers can use to fill up their bottles throughout the camp day.

~Swim! We keep our campers cool by getting them in the pool. All of our campers have a swim lesson in the morning. In the afternoon, we are back in the pool again with Open Swim.  If your camper isn’t quite in the mood to swim in the afternoon, campers an choose  to participate in quiet time under a shaded pavilion.

~A camp wide favorite way to keep cool is ….. WATER FIGHTS! Campers and counselors alike grab buckets, water balloons, and sponges and take to the back field. Our campers love soaking their favorite counselors!!