This is WHY We Do It: Nature

Let’s face it… during the school year; children spend a lot of time inside. Summer gives children the opportunity to spend more time outside and away from technology. Here at Action Kids Summer Camp, the majority of our summer camp program takes place outside. Campers swim, eat, play, and sing in the various locations around our facility. Spending time outside is so important to us that we created a “Nature” block that takes place during campers’ morning schedule.

Nature is an opportunity for campers to interact with the world around them in a structured activity. During nature, our campers can be found flipping over logs and discovering what lives under them in the Woodlands,  playing a round of “Huckle Buckle Found It” with their group, or helping to maintain our camp Briar Patch Garden.

We believe that by encouraging our campers to interact with the world around them, we are expanding their horizons by introducing them to a larger community. We are instilling an appreciation for the world around them.