Four Amazing Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp!

  1. They will spend their day being physically active…… It is no surprise when you pick your child up after a day of camp and they are asleep in the backseat before you leave the parking lot. Campers start moving as soon as they arrive at Action Kids Summer Camp, whether they are playing 4Square or shooting hoops in the Meeting Place. The day is action packed… gymnastics, swim, GaGa Ball, and so much more!
  2. They will experience challenges and successes…… There is nothing better than celebrating with a camper when they no longer need a swim bubble in the pool or finally get their backward roll. Action Kids campers  challenge themselves daily and build their confidence in a safe environment.
  3. They will connect with nature……We pride ourselves on being a technology free zone for our campers. We allow them to disconnect from their TVs, iPads, and computers and reconnect with their surroundings. Action Kids spend the majority of their day outside whether it is eating lunch in the Woodlands, watching the green beans grow in the Briar Patch, or playing in Pirate’s Cove.
  4. They will make new friends…… Summer camp allows campers to meet other kids that aren’t necessarily their classmates or neighbors. Action Kids Summer Camp draws campers from school districts all over Southern New Hampshire.