Which swim level should I choose?

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Swim Stars or Swim Kids?

  • Swim Stars are swimmers Kindergarten and younger based on enrollment September 2019
  • Swim Kids are swimmers First grade and older based on enrollment September 2019
  • Place your child in Aqua Bears If.....

    •  your child at least 3 years old.
    •  your child is uncomfortable/afraid of being in the water without a parent, but will go in with an instructor.
  • Place your child in Level One if....

    • your child is at least  3 ½ years old
    • your child needs a flotation device when they are unable to touch bottom.
    • your child can enter the water independently without parent.  Cautious is ok.
  • Place your child in Level Two if...

    • your child can swim 25 ft dog paddle/beginning freestyle without a flotation device (the width of our pool).
    • your child can safety float independently for five seconds.
    • your child is unafraid to jump into the pool.
    • your child is comfortable putting face in the water.
  • Place your child in Level three if...

    •  your child is able to independently 100 ft. (two lengths of our pool)
    • your child has beginning freestyle and back crawl mechanics.  (Should swim horizontal in water)
    • your child must be comfortable in deep water.
  • Place your child in Level four if...

    • your child should be able to swim freestyle and back crawl