*Based on September 2018 school enrollment

Girls will focus on the women’s apparatus; learning skills on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise,  as well as Tumble Trac and trampoline.
Boys will focus on the men’s apparatus; learning skills on vault, high bar, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars and floor , as well as Tumble Trac and trampoline

Typically the lesson plan each week will include three of the events as well as warm up and cool down activities.

Flip 1 & 2
At this level we focus on the very basic skills on each of the event, while introducing more challenging skills .   These include:  forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, on floor; casts, pullovers and strength on bars;  and on beam we will focus on basic walking and jumping and developing greater balance and control. We also incorporate drills designed to increase strength and overall level of fitness. This class is a 70 minute class.
Class Times: Tuesday at 5:15 
Cost: $104 per session, $195 both sessions

Flip 3 & 4
We continue to increase the skill level on each event along with strengthening drills.  We introduce walkovers, front handsprings, back handsprings, cartwheels & handstands on the low beams, etc. This class is a 70 minute class.
Class Time: Tuesday at 5:15
Cost: $104 per session, $195 both sessions

Boys Fliptastics
Classes in the recreational boys gymnastics program concentrate on building proper gymnastics basics on the men’s events in an energetic & dynamic class environment. There is a strong emphasis placed on conditioning and strength building as well as goal setting and self-discipline. Boys Fliptastics is a 70 minute class.
Class Time: Tuesday at 5:15
Cost: $104 per session, $195 both sessions

Middle and High School Gymnastics
This class is designed for girls of varying skill levels who would prefer a class with participants of similar age. This is a 70 minute class
Class Time: Thursday at 5:15
Cost: $104 per session, $195 both sessions

Girls Team Brentwood
During the summer Team Brentwood should enroll in the “skill class” 
For those gymnasts who are interested in being part of a recreational team…join Girls Team Brentwood.  All gymnasts who enter Girls Team Brentwood have the mastered the basic  skills.  Now we are able to mix in lots of team building elements, a team leotard, routines and more. Longer class times allow the introduction of more intense conditioning and flexibility training which, in turn, leads to faster skill development. If this program interests you, please speak to the Fliptastics Director. Girls Team Brentwood  is divided by skill into Team Ruby (75 minute class), Team Emerald/Diamond (90 minute class)

Ruby and Emerald should enroll in  FLIP 1-2
Diamond should enroll in Flip 3-4

Session Dates
Two four week sessions
Gymnastics Session Dates
Session One:
June 18 to July 21 (No classes July 2 to 7)

Session Two: July 23 to August 18